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Typhoon aid

Super typhoon Rai (known in the Philippines as typhoon Odette) has devastated the Philippines. Siargao island is one of the worst-hit areas. Alongside with our regular projects we help with rebuilding our island and its communities. 

33 600

Kilogram of trash up-cycled


Job opportunities created

8 380

Kids involved


Nature Kids of Siargao

Protect Nature
Educate Kids
Treasure Siargao

We protect nature by running several projects meant to create jobs while addressing the growing trash problem in Siargao Island. 

Parallel with those projects our passion is to educate children to become eco kind. We believe good habits comes when understanding our connection with nature.

Instead of just giving, we build opportunities that provide for generations. Treasuring the health and happiness of our local community. 

Nature Kids of Siargao

Nature Kids of Siargao

Our Projects


Collect and Recycle Trash 


Pay by Plastic Shop

Swap your trash into items


A.T.E. Sewing

A textile empowering atelier

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Kids Club 

Create an army of eco heroes

Donate now

We are proudly non-profit, non-compromised and non-political. We are a SEC, BIR and locally registered organisation. We rely on support to be able to continue changing the life and course of Siargao. Private donations help us support the locals meantime addressing urgent environmental issues.  Will you help today?

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Free Water Refilling Station 

Clean water for everyone

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Siargao Island, The Philippines


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