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Our projects


Recycling Art Studio

Turn trash into treasure

The Studio up-cycles trash into new products. 

We accept soft plastic and styrofoam from locals and businesses, that our studio crew turns into different products such as bean bags, pillows and flower pots which are sold on the island. 

On an average month, we up-cycled 1000 kilogram of plastics. 

By this initiative, N.K.o.S aims to stop as much plastic as possible ending up in the oceans or in dumpsites by turning it into treasure, and at the same time creating employment for the locals.

Update: The Art Studio is finally REOPEN  and now with a  better venue. 

Pay by Plastic Shop

Swap your trash into items

The Shop accepts soft plastic and styrofoam as payment. Our customer can
swap their trash into available things such as rice, school supplies, re-usable products and other donated items.


With this project we aim to encourage segregation and to stimulate the local economy by offering an alternative way of accessing useful, and green products. 

Since the opening of The Shop, there is a never-ending line of (mostly) local kids, small businesses and mums.

Update: The Plastic Sari2x Shop is OPEN in Burgos

and ready for swaps! 

2020-08-11 07.55.34 1.jpg

A.T.E. Sewing

A textile empowering atelier

A.T.E. Atelier is a community sewing business aimed at empowering local women by offering free training in needlework, followed by a fair and prosperous workspace where each individual can grow.

All our employees are women from the surrounding town who support their families each and every day. We believe in sustainable practices that empower our community. A.T.E. Atelier creates amazing products such as curtains, bedsheets, bean bags, tote bags and up-cycle pouches.

Update: A.T.E. is operational and are happy to receive visitors that pre-booked their visit.

Kids Club 

Helping children grow into eco heroes

Our kids club serves three purposes, to activate, teach and feed our children. As the pandemic and a super typhoon stole our childrens right to attend school we needed to find an alternative educational program.


The club gather 40 kids three times a week in group activities including dancing, arts & crafts and fun learning games. At the end of each gathering we feed all our participants a healthy meal.


In between our group sessions we offer tutoring in keeping up with the school modules, ensuring no kid fall behind.

Update: Our kids club is open 5 days / week and accept both long-term and day volunteers.

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Free Water Refilling Station 


Do you want to help?

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