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About us

How we started and where we are today

Nature Kids of Siargao (NKOS) believe in Protecting Nature, Educating Kids and Treasure Siargao. We are a non-profit, non-stock organization creating several community projects with the aim to help strengthen families and take them out of poverty.


NKOS started as an initiative of Sanne “Sunny” Sevig and Joseph “Cocoy” Davis in 2013 when noticing the lack of knowledge about the importance of no littering among their neighboring children in General Luna, Siargao Island. To increase awareness the duo started educating the children why we should take care of Mother Nature and how to segregate your trash properly. For 5 years hundreds of children and adults were enlightened while offering our workshop to the public schools as an extra curriculum and to other groups within our community.

When our “nature kids” started deepening their level of knowledge they asked us “why shall we segregate our trash when most end up in the landfill anyway?” With that, our next project “The Recycling Art Studio” was born in 2017, accepting thousands of kilograms of plastics and styrofoam turning it into new products. This project was also an effective way of creating livelihood for our “nature kids parents”, improving the whole families well-being.


The same year (2017) NKOS registered as a non-profit, non-stock corporation with SEC and BIR.


We now (2023) focus on two main issues, educational support for children and creating livelihood for women. Both to lessen poverty and improve the overall life standard of our families long-term.

For us, our core drive is to help children. Help them with education, personal development and their overall health. We believe having two breadwinners in each family increases the changes of a stable income and a more equal home setting. By empowering and supporting women they can contribute to the household to thrive as a whole. 


Since the start we have launched several community strengthening projects, first in General Luna, and since 2018, in Burgos, Siargao Island. 


Today, 2023, we are running The Recycling Art Studio, A.T.E. Sewing Atelier, Kids Club, Washing program and Water Refill Station. Read more about our projects here:

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