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Our projects

Kids Club 

A safe place for all to belong and grow

Our kids club serves three purposes, to activate, teach and care for our children. As the pandemic and a super typhoon stole our childrens right to attend school for a long time we needed to find an alternative educational program to help many children catch up.


The club have 75 unique children enrolled, some come daily, others every weekend. We host 3-12 years old and children with special needs such as down syndrome, autism and neuroligical diseases.


That makes Kids Club a unique, safe space in the north of Siargao.

Our kids club is open Monday - Saturday and accept both pre-registered day and long-term volunteers.

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A.T.E. Sewing

A textile empowering atelier

A.T.E. Atelier is a community sewing business aimed at empowering local women by offering free training in needlework, followed by a fair and prosperous workspace where each individual can grow.

All our employees are women from the surrounding town who support their families each and every day. We believe in sustainable practices that empower our community. A.T.E. Atelier creates amazing products such as curtains, bedsheets, bean bags, tote bags and up-cycle pouches.

A.T.E. is open Monday - Saturday and are happy to receive visitors that pre-booked their visit.

Washing Program

The mothers of Burgos: “I rather spend time with my children than wash our clothes by hand for 12 hours every weekend”.


During the super typhoon Odette all appliances were destroyed making everyday tasks for mothers harder as all had to be done by hand, for example washing, cooking over open fire etc.
As an initiative to ease the burden for our hardworking women, we opened the Washing Program. 


This program is offering free access to laundry machines with the aim to help mothers spend more time with their children and lessen their household tasks.

Each month around 65 families access this service and we load those machines almost 400 times per month.


This program is solely dependent on donations given by our supporters. To keep this program open, we need PhP 4,025 monthly. If you want to support our program click here:


Free Water Refilling Station 

This initiative was started due to the urge need to access secured and properly tested drinking water after Typhoon Odette. Many children became sick due to being forced into drinking contaminated water, this is something we want to ensure never happens again. Our water station is approved and controlled by Department of health (DOH).

We give away free drinking water Mon-Wed-Fri to average of 60 families, in total 24,000 litre every month.

This program is solely dependent on donations given by our supporters. To keep this program open, we need PhP 8,700 monthly. If you want to support our program click here:

Recycling Art Studio

Turn trash into treasure

The Studio up-cycles trash into new products. 

We accept soft plastic and styrofoam from locals and businesses, that our studio crew turns into different products such as bean bags, pillows and flower pots which are sold on the island. 

On an average month, we up-cycled 1000 kilogram of plastics. 

By this initiative, N.K.o.S aims to stop as much plastic as possible ending up in the oceans or in dumpsites by turning it into treasure, and at the same time creating employment for the locals.

Due to electrical issue The Recycling Art Studio is temporarily closed until we reached our fundraising goal to purchase solar panels and to be able to go off grid.


Pay by Plastic Shop

Swap your trash into items

The Shop accepts soft plastic and styrofoam as payment. Our customers can swap their trash into available things such as rice, school supplies, re-usable products and other donated items.


With this project we aim to encourage segregation and to stimulate the local economy by offering an alternative way of accessing useful, and green products. 

Since the opening of The Shop, there is a never-ending line of (mostly) local kids, small businesses and mums.

Due to electrical issue Pay by Plastic Shop is temporarily closed until we are able to reopen the Studio and the shop.

Do you want to help?

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